dAve Hollinghurst is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, musician, and engineer.

He learned to play guitar while in high school, honing his craft with friends in various bands and projects. In the early nineties, he teamed up with Small (aka Small 23) from Chapel Hill, where he played guitar, sang, and wrote material, recording albums and touring the United States and Europe.

Eventually, Hollinghurst made his way to the New York area, cutting his teeth at the Sidewalk Cafe and the Anti-Folk community, and playing in various outfits, most notably one of his most prolific and creative projects, Qatsi.

In the fall of 2005, Hollinghurst received offers to play in two different bands, Nicole Atkins & The Sea, and Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No, whom he has toured and recorded with. Recently, Qatsi re-emerged, and is continuing where they left off, now as Frozen Falls.

After years of toiling in various practice spaces, Frozen Falls and Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No joined forces in securing a studio space with which to both practice and record their musical efforts.  Out of this, Sunset 7 Studio was born.  Located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, the studio has become a hive of creativity and general good times.  This studio is where dAve Hollinghurst has called home for his Audio Engineering endeavors, tracking and mixing various projects of bands outside of the Sunset 7 flock.

For contact, here: dave.hollinghurst@gmail.com.