dAve Hollinghurst is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, musician, and engineer.

He played in bands in the burgeoning early 90’s Chapel Hill music scene, most notably with Small (aka Small 23), before moving to New York City to expand his musical horizons.  Here he played with several more bands including QatsiNicole Atkins & The Sea, and Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No, whom he has toured and recorded with. Qatsi reformed as Frozen Falls, and released a record as well.

Hollinghurst engineered and mixed recordings of his own bands as well as others at Sunset 7 Studio, before teaming up with friends to build the new studio known as Miguel’s Baby. Credits include:  Kevin Devine, Brian Bonz, No Chief, Frozen Falls, Steve Shiffman & The Land Of No, among others.

Hollinghurst currently plays with Live SkullSteve Shiffman & The Land Of No, and A Don Piper Situation, and whatever rock and roll combinations comes his way.

He is also in two Black Sabbath cover bands.



For contact, here: dave.hollinghurst@gmail.com.